– Apply for My Kohl’s Charge card and Manage Online

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Apply for My Kohl’s Charge card and Manage Online

Apply for the Kohl’s Charge Credit Card online very easily. Thereafter getting the card, you can also register it for online management and usage very easily all by yourself. It does not matter if you have receiver Promotional Offer or opting for self-application, both the process is extremely easy.


About Kohl’s

Kohl’s famed American retail chain was established in the year 1962. Kohl’s is a part of a larger conglomerate, Kohl’s Corporation. It is regarded as one of the largest departmental and retail store chains in America with numerous stores operating in 1,158 locations in every state of the United States (except Hawaii). The headquarter is located in Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin. Kohl’s offers an amazing collection of clothing, bedding, footwear, beauty products, furniture, toys, appliances, housewares, decor, electronics, and many more.  Kohl’s houses some of the prominent and high-end designers” creations including that of Narciso Rodriguez, Vera Wang, Dana Buchman, and more. It also houses celebrity brands of Jennifer Lopez, Avril Lavigne, Marc Anthony, and more.


About Kohl’s Charge Card

Save more money on your shopping spree at Kohl’s by applying for Kohl’s Charge Card. Kohl’s Charge Card is Kohl’s only retail card where the users will get to enjoy amazing discounts deals and reward on shopping with it in Kohl’s. It is a consistent way to enjoy Kohl’s offers all year round. Here are some of the features enjoyed by Kohl’s Charge Cardholders:

  • On their first purchase after card activation, Kohl’s Charge Cardholders will get 35 % off.
  • Users will also receive an additional 15% off coupon via mail. With the physical card.
  • 12 different discounts will be email and mailed every year with one discount per month
  • The purchase you make with the card can be placed for return without the bill receipt.
  • Become life Kohl’s Most Valued Customer by spending $600 a year. With the MVC scheme, you will get an additional six discounts per year. You will also receive free shipping of any order amount as well as a special birthday gift.
  • Zero Annual Fee.
  • Can be applied using even low credit score.

And lots and lots more. All perks are waiting to be unleashed. Just make an application. It will take sixty seconds to get approved immediately after making the application.


Eligibility Criteria to apply for Kohl’s Charge Card are:

  • The applicant must be a legal citizen of the United States.
  • The applicant must have reached the age of maturity. (18 years or more)
  • The applicant must have valid government ID proof.


Apply using Personal Offer Code

Those who have received Personal Offer Code to apply for Kohl’s Charge Card via mail or email do this:

  • Open your browser and visit
  • In the given field, enter the Personal Offer Code exactly as mentioned in the mail/email.


Apply for My Kohl’s Charge card and Manage Online


  • Click on Submit Code.
  • Please wait for few seconds. Do not press back or refresh button. Your information as recorded in the credit bureau will be checked and your offer will be successfully approved.


Apply without Personal Offer Code

Do not get disheartened if you do not have Offer Code., Your chance for approval is still as high as the ones with the code. Just follow these simple steps to apply for the card today:

  • Open your browser and visit
  • Click on the Apply Now
  • Enter the following information one by one as given:


My Kohl’s Charge card and Manage Online


  1. First Name.
  2. Last Name.
  3. Address 1(Street Address, No., PO Box)
  4. Address 2 (Apt, suite, unit, building, floor, etc.)
  5. ZIP Code.
  6. Home Phone.
  7. Work Phone.
  8. Social Security Number.
  9. Date of Birth(mm-dd-yyyy)
  10. Annual Gross Income.
  11. Email Address.
  12. Retype Email Address.
  • Please check the Important Disclosures section thoroughly regarding the APR, interest rate, late payment charges, and more.
  • Click on Continue to Review.

Please wait for sometimes. Do not close or refresh the page. If you are approved, you will be informed within a few seconds. In a rare scenario, you may need additional verification of your information, till which you could not receive the physical card or open online account till the verification is declared complete.


Online Enrolment

After receiving the Kohl’s Charge Card via mail, you must register and activate it for online usage. On registering, you can access your Kohl’s Charge Card account from anywhere with account credentials and data connection. Here is why you need to register:

  • Make the payment of your bill online, either manually or by setting up auto payment.
  • Register for the paperless statement.
  • Request for the increase of the credit line.
  • Access transaction details and account information across the devices.


Register  for Online Activation and Access

It’s super easy to register Kohl’s, Charge Card:

  • Open your browser and visit charge card
  • Under Register Now, enter the 12-digits Kohler’s Credit Card Number.
  • Type in the Security Phase
  • Click on Submit.
  • To verify, please enter the following information
  1. Card Expiry Date.
  2. Security Code.
  3. Last four digits of cardholder’s Social Security Number.
  • Next, create the account The username must be a minimum of 4 and a maximum of 20 characters containing at least one letter. It must not have any special character or space.
  • Create Password. The password must have a minimum of 8 and a maximum of 20 characters with at least one uppercase, lower case letter, and number. Password must not have any special characters or space.
  • Confirm all the details and complete the account setup.


Accessing Kohler’s Charge Card Online Account

After registering, you can log in to your card account now:


Retrieve User Name

Have you forgotten your account username? Do not worry; just follow here to get your account back and username retrieved:

  • Open your browser and visit charge card
  • Click on Forgot User Name
  • Enter 12-digits Kohler’s Credit Card Number.
  • Type in the Security Phrase as given.
  • Click on Next to proceed.


Reset Password

To recover the password and account, please follow these steps:

  • Open your browser and visit charge card
  • Click on Forgot Password
  • Type in the User Name.
  • Enter the last four digits of the Social Security Number of the cardholder.
  • Click on the Next
  • A temporary password will be emailed to your registered email address.
  • Using that, return to the login page and access your account. Change the password after login.

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Customer Support


Call (855) 564-5748 and get in touch with the customer support executive if you have any queries, requests, or complaints.

Mail (General Correspondence Only )

Write at:

Kohl’s Credit

PO Box 3043

Milwaukee, WI 53201-3043.




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