How to Do a Fishtail Braid

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How to Fishtail Braid

Overview of Braids:

A braid is basically an intricate pattern of styling hair which is formed by interweaving three or more strands of hair. The northern African civilizations developed close-knit braids as a sign of identification that represents wealth, possession, authority, status quo, and much more. Though it is predominantly prevalent among young women, the modern versions of these kinds of braids are tight and near to the scalp of the head. Most of the historical records indicate the primitive instances of hairstyle originated in African countries. Though there are several cultures all over the world that formed their own specific versions of braids. As the fashion of braid advanced, their designs were modified with time and became much popular within diverse cultures and hair types.

How to Make a Fishtail BraidThe Emergence of Fishtail Braid:

As such, there is no cultural connotation behind the derivation of the fishtail braid. Let’s have a quick glance at a few of the points below regarding the history of fishtail braid to have a comprehensive idea about it.

  • The fishtail is basically a rendition of the French braid. The French braid was originated in Northern Africa long before popular adaptation in France.
  • Presently, the two most sought after variations of the French braid are classic and the fishtail style
  • Fishtail braid secures closer at the top of the scalp
  • Fishtail braids consists of numerous smaller locks

Types of Fishtail Braids:

There are many varieties of fishtail braids. Some of the most popular types are:-

  • Regular
  • French
  • Side ponytails

Requisite Things to Make a Fishtail Braid:

  • Elastic hair bands
  • Scissors
  • Bobby pins
  • Mirror

Dutch Fishtail BraidSteps to Make Fishtail Braid:

  • First of all, comb your hair and detangle your tresses
  • Divide your hair into two proper halves down the backside of your neck
  • Hold one section of hair in each of your hand
  • Keep hold of both the halved segments of your hair with your right hand
  • Then move towards the left side of the left segment and size out a thin lock
  • Take the strand of hair from the outside portion of the hair
  • When you are able to hold it tightly, move it over the left half of your hair by dragging up crosswise
  • Then intersect this lock with your right hand’s finger and thumb and then return control of the left half of your hair to its original hand.
  • When you seem to have a good hold, just simply tuck the thin lock of hair under the right half of the segment
  • After tucking in a move up your hands as far as possible since it will go up to the section and pull slightly till the newly combined segment of hair is tight enough
  • Then simply recur the above-mentioned steps the same way on the right side
  • Keep tucking the strands of hair and tug it again and again
  • Repeat the steps further so that you can measure off the sides of your hair strands thinner and thinner
  • As you keep on altering the sides of your hair, the braid will gradually taper down
  • When you will notice that you are near to end of your hair, halt their leaving an inch or so of hair unbraided.
  • Secure a bobby pin to adjust your hair from slipping off

French Fishtail BraidSteps to Make French Fishtail Braid:

  • Gather two halves at the crown of your head
  • Split it into proper sections
  • Make a thin left side strand by holding them in your hands
  • Take the strands from the sides of your head, not from the section you are gripping
  • Cross over the strand over the left half section and join it with the right half section
  • After your cross over the strand and lock it with the remaining half, ensure that your hair is properly secured
  • Watch your movements in a mirror in order to rectify the moves in case it goes wrong
  • Repeat the same step with a new right strand
  • Maintain everything as much as feasible including strand size and distance
  • Once the French fishtail braid portion is done, pause there.
  • In this step use that hair which are already confined between the two halves of your hair like a regular fishtail braid
  • After that, repeat the steps of French fishtail braid from step three and recur it
  • Swapping between the French fishtail for the bigger portions and the regular fishtail for smaller aids you to maintain a track of the position where you are in the braid.
  • Keep continuing these steps till an inch of hair is left
  • At last, tie up the braid with a hair band and finally, you are done with your task!

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Straight on the initial days, no one can have a perfect fishtail braid. It’s not an overnight process to be grabbed up so easily. With due course of time and with proper practice, you will be habituated to form the perfect pattern of your fishtail braid and sway up your hairstyle to other. With a bit of experimentation and practice, you will be able to have a swanky fishtail braid that will groom you up as the most unique one amongst the mob.

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