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AH Rebate Submission

Purchase Bayer Animal Health Products And Enjoy Exclusive AH Rebates

About Bayer Rebate Program :

Bayer AG is a famous American Company that is producing pet care medicines, vaccines, and livestock and they are also one of the largest producers of pharmaceutical supplies of the world. Bayer AG was founded in the year 1863 and headquartered at Leverkusen, Germany. There are lots of medicines that Bayer AG sells that are working like miracles in the pet care world. Few of such medicines could also offer you a huge rebate.

If you are an owner of a pet and you are worried to get your pet out of your house because of flea and tick, and other diseases, then you could get a permanent solution of it by using Bayer medicines and pet care products which could also offer you some extra savings with its rebate options. You can use these rebates for getting cash discounts during your next purchase with Bayer AG. In this article, we will describe the step by step guidelines of getting Bayer AG Rewards namely AH Rebates.

AH Rebates Rules :

  • There are some basic rules that you need to follow for applying for AH Rebates –
  • You must buy the Bayer AG Products which are qualified for rebate claim for participating in AH Rebate Program.
  • You must take the AH Rebate advantage within its promotional period only.
  • You must have a valid prescription from an authorized veterinarian doctor to take part in the Bayer AG Reward Program.
  • You must have an invoice from Bayer AG, product UPC for applying AH Rebates.
  • After you complete the AH Rebate submission process, you must take a printout of the rebate information to be used in future.

AH Rebates Submission :

  • To get into the Bayer AG Rebate Program, you need to first submit your rebate claim at AH Rebate portal. You can refer to the below-mentioned step by step guideline to avail of Bayer AG Reward –
  • First of all you need to open the official website of Bayer AG Rebates by searching through your web browser or you can click on the following link to open the desired page directly – www.ahrebates.com
  • Now, when the web page will open, there you have to select the qualifying Bayer AG product brand of your purchase.
  • In the next page, you will get the active rebate offer link of AH Rebates which you have to click.
  • Next, you will get your rebate claim form which you have to fill up with the following information – First Name, Last Name, Complete Residential Address, Phone Number, Email ID, Pet Information, Vet/ Clinic Zip Code & Location, Product Purchase Information, Product Image
  • Now, read the terms and conditions of Bayer Rebates and click on the consent boxes.
  • Lastly, you have to choose the payment method from the available two options – Via Email or Via Mailed Check.
  • Now, tick the robotic re-captcha box and click on the Continue button afterward to submit your Bayer Rebate Claim or AH Rebate Claim.
  • If you follow the above-mentioned steps accurately, you will be able to successfully submit your reward claim with the Bayer AG Reward portal.

AH Rebates Tracking :

  • After applying for AH Rebates, you can track your rebate claim status anytime from the same website which you have accessed before –
  • Open the official website of Bayer AG again by searching through your web browser or you can click on the following link to open the desired page directly – www.ahrebates.com

 AH rebate tracking

  • Now at the bottom of the page, there will be an option as Track which you have to click.
  • The next page that will appear in front of you, will have different blank fields to enter the following information –Last Name, House Number, and Zip Code which must match with the information that you have provided during your Bayer Rebate Claim form fill up.
  • Now, after you have successfully entered the above information to the required places, click on the Check Rebate Status button to check the status of your Bayer Rebate.

AH Rebates Processing :

After applying for AH Rebates, you have to wait for the settlement of your Bayer Rebate or AH Rebate. If you have applied for the email rebate claim option, it will take around two weeks to get your rebate claim. If you have applied for mailed check rebate claim option, it will take around 6 to 8 weeks time to get your rebate check. You will have to track the AH Rebate status from the official Bayer AG rebate website by following the above-mentioned process to stay up to date about your rebate status.

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Contact Bayer AG :

  • Below we have mentioned some of the contact options of Bayer AG for your reference –
  • For online contact with Bayer AG, you can browse their official website by following the below-mentioned link www.bayerdvm.com to learn about their products and other information about the company.
  • You can also go to the contact us page of AH Rebates portal through the following link to get the Contact Us form – www.bayerdvm.com/contact-us.
  • You can call Bayer AG Rebate Help Desk in the following number for any issues regarding AH Rebates – 877 -246 -7654.
  • You will be able to get FAQ help regarding AH Rebates portal through the following link apfco.com/Secured/W1737A/ADVANTAGEII/Home/FAQ.
  • For any general enquiry regarding Bayer AG products and company, you can call in the following number – 800 -255 -6517.
  • You can also follow Bayer AG through their different social media accounts for latest information about the company.

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