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Enroll for Nikon Product Registration to avail Warranty

Register your Nikon camera, lenses, or device and get access to the warranty card, extended warranty, product updates, review writing, community discussion, featured promotions, and much more! Easily register from your home across any device and unleash the world of possibilities and unparalleled after-sales service.


About Nikon

Nikon cameras, lenses and other optics and imaging products are manufactured and marketed by Nikon Corporation. Nikon Corporation is Multinational Corporation headquartered in Tokyo, Japan. Nikon’s cameras, camera lenses, microscopes, rifle scopes, steppers, binoculars, spotting scopes are rave among all the photographers and researchers. These products are effectively utilized in the photolithography steps of semiconductor fabrications. Nikon is now standing in the second position globally in terms of manufacture. Here are some of the revolutionary offerings from the House of Nikon:

  • Nikkor imaging lenses for large format photography, photographic enlargers, and more.
  • Nikon F-series 35 mm film SLR cameras.
  • Nikon D-series of the digital SLR camera.
  • Coolpix Series compact digital camera.
  • Nikonos series underwater film cameras.

Nikon products are really, cool, innovative, and revolutionary in its build-up and technology. To protect your favorite Nikon camera and lenses, Nikon always stresses the proper registration for the warranty.  Each and every Nikon products have varying level of registration and warranty cards. Nikon product owners must register their products to get benefits like extended warranty and much more.


Registration Process

To register, you must never throw away original receipt or proof of purchase where the purchase date and device details are motioned very carefully. Your original proof of purchase/receipt is the gateway to warranty registration. Those being said, proceed to the steps of easy registration:

  • Open your browser and visit www.registernikon.com
  • Click on Sign Up for free link beside Don’t have an account.


Enroll for Nikon Product Registration to avail Warranty


  • Enter the following information one by one:
  1. First Name.
  2. Last Name.
  3. Email Address.
  • Create a Password. Your password must have at least 8 characters.
  • Confirm the Password by retyping.


Enroll for Nikon Product Registration


  • Click on the Create Account


Accessing the Nikon Product Registration Account

Those who do have Gmail and Facebook account and have no issue lining up with Nikon Product Registration; they can directly sign in using their Gmail/Facebook credentials.

  • Open your browser and visit www.registernikon.com
  • Click on Sign In with Facebook/Sign in with Google
  • On the pop-up, login to the Facebook/Gmail with the respective credentials.
  • Grant Facebook/Gmail to permission to sync in detail with your account.
  • Your linked account will be automatically created and every time, you are required to log in using your linked Facebook/Gmail credentials, whichever you have chosen.

If you have registered originally to the Nikon Product Registration Account with separate email and password (refer above), then follow these steps:

  • Open your browser and visit www.registernikon.com
  • Type in the registered Email Address.
  • Enter the Password
  • Click on Sign In.


Reset Password

Have you forgotten your account password? Are you unable to login to your account? Do not worry and please check the steps below to recover your account:

  • Open your browser and visit www.registernikon.com
  • Click on Forgot Password link below Sign In.
  • Type in the Registered Email Address.
  • Click on Send the Link
  • An email containing the Password Reset Link will be sent to your email address.
  • Open your email and click on the link.
  • Please follow the instructions to create a New Password.
  • Return to the login page and access using the newly set password to confirm the changes.


Nikon Products and their respective Warranty:

  • Coolpix Cameras and Digital SLR Camera Bodies: With Nikon Coolpix camera and D-SLR Cameras, you may not be provided with the registration or warranty card. As mentioned previously, you must compulsorily carry original proof of purchase or invoice with the correct date, time, and details of the purchase. The purchase receipt or invoice must be issued by Authorised Nikon Inc dealer. For any service related issue, you can always visit the service center carrying this Original Receipt. However, it is always recommended to follow the steps above and register for the Product Registration. This way, your warranty will be recorded and can be verified digitally in case o loss or destruction of a physical receipt.
  • Two Years Extended Service Coverage by Nikon: For both D-SLR and Coolpix cameras, Nikon sells Two Year Extended Service Coverage (ESC). After registering for the product or by showing the original proof of purchase, you can purchase the ESC. Make sure you purchase the ESC from local Nikon authorized dealer and that too within the original one year Nikon Inc. warranty period. As per state law, ESC is not sold in the states of Washington D.C., Virginia, and Florida. Always retain the original sales invoice and credit card statement regarded proof of purchase. Connect with your local Nikon dealer to know more.
  • Nikon Lenses: Whenever Nikon Lenses are in the picture, they are always bundled up with the original one year USA warranty(limited) plus four years USA Extended Service Coverage. This, in turn, amounts to Five years of protection. To apply for the Four Years Extended Service Coverage, please register with the Nikon Product Registration.

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Customer Support


Dial 1-800-NIKON-US/1-800-645-6687 to speak directly with the customer support executive.

Monday-Friday, 9:00 a.m.-8:00 p.m. EST.



  • Log on to www.nikonimgsupport.com/ni
  • Under Contact Customer Support header, click on Email Support.
  • Fill out the information accurately:
  1. Email Address.
  2. My Question.
  3. Additional Details.
  • Upload the Documents or Photos that will support your claim or even the sales receipt for the reference.
  • Select the following topics as per your concerns:
  1. Question Topic.
  2. Affected Product.
  3. Affected Software.
  4. Computer/Mobile Operating System.
  • Verify the captcha code.
  • Click on the Submit Question

Time: You will receive a response from the customer support team via a given email within 48 hours.


Live Chat

  • Visit www.nikonimgsupport.com/ni.
  • Under Contact Customer Support header, click on Live Chat.
  • Start Love correspondence with customer support.

Time: Monday-Friday, 24 hours.

Closed on weekends and certain holidays.


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