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Safeway Survey

About Safeway Feedback Survey

Safeway is a supermarket chain in America, which is very keen on customer fulfillment. So, Safeway arranged surveys to know about the customer likes and dislikes for the betterment of their service and products. And Safeway also wants to know their employee behavior and their product quality and the availability of the products. To gather such data, Safeway is taking this survey. When a consumer of Safeway will perform this survey, then the management level of Safeway can easily make an overview of their disabilities. Safeway also wants to gather facts about their locations and the atmosphere of their locations. Actually, Safeway wants to know which locations are full of joy and which are not to that mark from the customer feedback. to make a line of connection between them and the consumers. Safeway will also be able to know from this survey about their ability to satisfy their customer demands or not? Safeway wants to make your further visit more contented and notable.

This will also help the company to compete with the entities from the same industry. And they can manage their policy of business as per the market state. and the feedback will help them to know about the market condition.

In the industry from which Safeway is belonging, there are several companies to compete with. Every company belonging to this industry is furiously trying to best their service and products to satisfy its consumers. Dollar General also trying to do the same. But before upgradation, Safeway has to know what the customers think about them and their services and products. So, they started to take a feedback survey.

But in the current life schedule, nobody pays any kind of involvement in this type of survey without any praise. So, they include a prize for this survey. Alongside the survey prize, they also set some rules and requirements before taking the survey. And the rules and requirements will make an entrant eligible for the survey.

Safeway Feedback Survey Prize:

  • Just after finishing the survey you will be eligible for the survey prize or can enter the survey sweepstakes to win the prize. And the prize will be given in the form of a gift card and it is a money-saving opportunity. After completion of the survey, you will get a promo code and that promo code will be redeemed for the actual price on your next visit to the Safeway store.
  • The actual prize is a $100 Safeway Gift Card. Your prize is given in the manner to thank you. And you have to share honest feedback. Also, you have to maintain the survey rules and arrange the survey requisites to enter the survey sweepstake process.
  •  And your prize will depend on your receipt and can be different from other entrants, so, you must check your receipt to know about your prize or prize in detail. Your prize is not transferable to anyone. If you do so then you can’t take the prize and you can also be disqualified from the survey sweepstakes entry.

Rules and Requirements of Safeway Feedback Survey:

  • Before performing the survey, you have to be eligible for the survey and also arrange the survey requisites for participating in the survey. If you don’t follow the rules and requirements then you will face trouble at the time of taking the survey and it will cause the elimination of yours from the survey as well as the survey sweepstakes entry. So, follow the rules and requirements and make the arrangements as per requirements. The rules and requirements are as follows.
  • A legal resident of any of Alaska, Colorado, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, California, South Dakota, Delaware, Idaho, Washington DC, Wyoming, Nevada, Hawaii, Montana, Maryl, or Nebraska is eligible to perform this survey. so, you have to be a legal resident of any one among these upper-mentioned states.
  • You have to maintain an age limitation to perform this survey. and the age limitation is 18 years or you can be older than 18 years of age. 18 years is the minimum age to perform this survey, this means you must be at least 18 years old to perform this survey.
  • To perform this survey, you have the basic knowledge of any one language among English and Spanish. Because this survey can be performed in these two languages.
  • A smart electronic device is needed to perform this survey because this survey is an online survey and you must use an electronic device like a laptop or computer or smartphone is needed.
  • Without a strong internet connection, you can’t be able to perform this survey because this survey is an online survey and to perform this survey you must be online for the full time of giving feedback.
  • Participants must have the recent Safeway receipt with them to perform this survey because to start this survey you must enter the code printed on your receipt. So, you must also have the receipt in front of you at the time of performing the survey. And your receipt must have the survey invitation printed on it.
  • You cannot be able to perform this survey several times because this survey is limited to one time only in each survey entry period. And more than one survey will not increase your chances of winning the $100 Gift Card.
  • The employees of Safeway and their family members are not eligible to perform this survey, also the connected persons, affiliated companies, sponsors, and agents are not allowed to enter the survey sweepstake process by performing this survey.
  • there is a rule regarding your prize redemption and the rule is you can’t give your offer or gift card to any other else for redemption. If you do so then you can be eliminated from the survey sweepstake process.
  • To start the survey, you have to enter your email id. So, you must have a valid email id of yours to participate in this survey to share the feedback as well as to enter the survey sweepstake process.

How to Perform Safeway Feedback Survey:

  • If you marked all the survey rules and requirements fulfilled then you can take the survey. To participate in the Safeway Feedback Survey without any hesitation you must follow the simple steps which are mentioned below. If you follow the steps then you can take the survey without facing any trouble or interruption.
  • To participate in the Safeway Feedback Survey, you must visit the survey site by clicking on this link www.safeway.com/survey

Safeway Feedback

  • Then you will enter the survey entry or survey starting page. And you can be able to change the language as per your preference from the top right corner of that page.
  • Then you have to enter the SURVEY CODE from your receipt and your valid email id.
  • After that, you have to make a click on the “Next” button to enter the main part of the Safeway Feedback Survey.
  • Then you have to give your feedback as per satisfaction level or as per your general experience at the store when you present at the store. You must tell them about the Safeway product, product quantity, quality, price, store atmosphere, store location, etc.
  • Give the feedback honestly then you have to put some personal details like your name, phone number, address, and enter the sweepstake process.
  • When you complete the survey, you will be followed up by the company if you win the prize.

About Safeway

Safeway is a supermarket chain in America. It is a subsidiary company and belonging to the retail or grocery industry. Safeway was founded by Marion Barton Skaggs in the year of 1915 in American Falls, Idaho, United States. Safeway gives supermarket services to its customers with various products like bakery, dairy, dry cleaning, frozen foods, fuel, grocery, lottery, delicatessen, pharmacy products, photographic processing, produce, meats, snack food, liquor, flowers, and western Union. It has 13 hundred stores and more than 2.5 lakh employees. From the starting period to 2015 it was parented by Independent and from 2015 to now it is parented by the Albertsons.

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