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Pay the Alabama Judicial System with fines and ticket

Alabama’s Unified Judicial System is regarded as one of the oldest systems in the United States. The success of the unified judiciary system works on the unified vision of sharing justice. The Alabama Judicial System is also considered one of the most successful judicial systems in the entire nation.

Magistrate Fine Schedule under Alabama Rules of Judicial Administration

Under the Alabama Judicial System, if the traffic violators elect to plead guilty in front of the municipal court or district court, the magistrate issues fine schedule and procedures accordingly. Here are some of the lists of offenses that are eligible for fine payment:

  • Allowing children under sixteen to drive.
  • A bicycle without reflector or lamps.
  • Unlawfully blocking the highway.
  • Nuisance spotlighting from a public road.
  • Clinging to vehicle.
  • Coasting.
  • Crossing a fire hose.
  • Disobeying the traffic controlling apparatus on control access roads.
  • Driving on sand dunes or beaches.
  • Driving on the wrong portion of the road.
  • Driving around/through warning sign/barricade/detour sign/fence.
  • Driving below minimum speed.
  • Driving on the sidewalk.
  • Driving with obscured vision.
  • Trespassing high way restricted by a state trooper.
  • Driving with an expired license.
  • Driving with an expired tag.
  • Not affixing the tinting-compliance label.
  • Failure to dim headlight.
  • Failure of displaying warning devices or flare.
  • Failure to exercise care while driving.
  • Not reducing the speed or moving over on approaching the emergency or enforcement vehicles.
  • Not moving right on approaching emergency vehicles.
  • Failing to obey signals for pedestrian control.
  • Failure to obey and follow instructions of any official traffic control device.
  • Failing to stop the vehicle at the railroad crossing.
  • Failing to stop while emerging from building, alley, or driveway.
  • Impeding the flow of traffic.
  • Improper brakes.
  • Improper lane changes and usages.
  • Improper operation of the motorcycle.
  • Improper width/length of a motor bus.
  • Improper signal.
  • Improper horns.
  • Improper overtaking of vehicles or motorcycles.
  • Improper turnings.
  • Improper tires
  • Displaying invalid insurance and license plates.
  • Improperly driving on the central portion of the four-way driveways.
  • Failure to display the license.
  • Making unauthorized U-turn.
  • No helmet.
  • No plainly visible tag.
  • No reflectors on tractors.
  • Obstruction of driver’s view.
  • Overheight/over length/overweight truck.
  • Running a red light.
  • Pedestrian on the highway.
  • Pedestrian remaining or entering on the bridge or railroad.
  • Spilling the load.
  • Stopping or slowing without proper signal.
  • Hauling or towing a disabled vehicle.

And many more. To get a detailed list of traffic violation and the amount of fine and ticket payment, please visit, judicial.alabama.gov/docs/library/rules/ja20.

Making payment via alapay.com

The direct payment of the fine and ticket amount can be commenced from alapay.com, the dedicated online payment portal of the Alabama Judicial System. Violators on receiving the notice for the violation can make the payment via credit card through alapay.com. Credit service fee 4% will be charged additionally on making the online payment. Paying online is convenient, fast, safe, and secure. More and more people switching to the alapay.com for making timely paying their fines and tickets avoiding late payment penalties. Apart from the online, fines can also be paid via money order or direct cash or check handover to the respective courthouse without an extra service fee.

Paying Traffic Tickets

Pay easily the state-issued tickets against violations. You need to have the ticket and use the information to fill up and make a successful payment.

  • Open your browser and visit www.alapay.com.
  • Under Traffic Tickets, please click on the Pay Ticket tab.

Alapay Pay Ticket

  • Lookup for the UTC number printed on the upper right portion of the ticket.
  • Choose the initials of the UTC.
  • Enter the 7 digits UTC Number.
  • Choose your Date of Birth(mm-yyyy)
  • Tap on Next.
  • The system will auto-populate the details of your account. Please follow the rest of the process to make a successful payment.

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Pay Fine for District Criminal Cases

The District Criminal Cases with their fines and outstanding balance may make the payment online. For that, keep the persona credentials as well as case info handy:

  • Open your browser and visit www.alapay.com.
  • Tap on Pay Fine.
  • Enter the County code.
  • Type in the Case Number.
  • Enter the last four digits of Social Security Number.
  • Choose your Birth Month and Year.
  • Tap on Next.
  • The system will auto-populate the details of your account. Please follow the rest of the process to make a successful payment.

Contact Information

  1. Regarding fines and tickets:


Dial 866-954-9399.

  1. Credit Card Payment


Dial 251-344-3333/ 877-799-9898.

Email Address

Write at support@alacourt.com.


P.O. BOX 8173 Mobile,

Alabama 36689.



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