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android to iphone data transfer

Move from Android to iPhone, iPad, or iPod- Images, files, documents, and more :

Problems do arises while transferring a large amount of single file or multiple amounts of files requires to be transferred from Android to brand new iOS device. While it is easy to make use of the USB cable and all, but who has time for those things when you need it transferred instantly! Moreover, USB OTG is not supported in many older versions of Android. It is easy to share files between iOS via Airdrop while Android users use Android Beam. Now, if you are stuck while transferring files from the Android to the new iPhone, iPad, or iPod, then here is the detailed guide to get your files transferred very smoothly.

About Move to iOS app :

Download Move to iOS app, to transfer your files to the IOS device smoothly. The app is easily available in Google Play Store. Now safely transfer all your files contained within a few seconds to the iOS device with just a few clicks. The kinds of contents Move to iOS transfers are:

  • Message history.
  • Contacts.
  • Images and videos.
  • Documents.
  • Calendars.
  • Mail Accounts.
  • Web Bookmarks.
  • Free Apps found on both Google Play Store and Android.

Move to IOS is supported in all types of Android phones running on Android 4.0 or later.
Pre Transfer Checklist

Before beginning the transfer, check the following things thoroughly:

  • Both the iOS device and Android device must be plugged on to power.
  • The amount of space in the iOS device must be sufficient enough to accommodate the contents you are moving from the Android storage. Recommended checking the storage settings and space of the iOS device before initiating the transfer.
  • The Wi-Fi on the Android device must be turned on.
  • To transfer the Chrome bookmarks, make sure to update the Chrome to latest version in your Android.

Transfer process via Move to iOS app :

Finished set up accordingly? Remember, ignoring any of the above points would fail the transfer. Check all the above points and proceed with the transfer:

  • On setting up your iOS device, please look out for the Apps and Data screen. From there, select Move Data from Android. Then begin the process on Android. If the iOS device already has any content, make sure those contents are backed up elsewhere. After backing up existing iOS data erase the memory and start over to get the App and Data Screen.
  • Take your Android device and launch the Move to iOS app. Click on Continue. Check out for all the terms and conditions and continue by tapping on Agree.
  • On the top right corner of the Find Your Code screen, click on Next.
  • Come back to your iOS device. A screen will appear called Move from Android. Click on the Continue tab. Wait for sometimes for a six to ten digits code to appear. Do not close the screen. Ignore the alert if your Android device shows that you are on a weak internet connection.
  • The six to ten digits code will eventually appear on iOS. Please enter the code on your Android device. After entering wait till the Transfer Data screen appears.
  • Now pick up the contents and data that you want to transfer from your Android phone. Select the data and click on Next. Depending on the amount of content you are transferring, it will take time.
  • Remember that Android may show that transfer is completed but leave both the device unless the loading bar on the iOS indicating the status of transfer shows completed.
  • On finishing the transfer completely, click on Done on the Android.
  • Tap on Continue on iOS. Follow the instructions given to complete the set up accordingly.
  • Check if all the selected contents are moved successfully. The process is completed.

So this is how you can transfer from Android to iOS. The only exceptions that will not be transferred are music, books, and PDF documents (other formats can be transferred) which requires a manual transfer.

Problems faced while making the transfer :

While making a complete transfer, some errors or issues may arise. After all, both of them are completely different operating systems. However, you must not worry about that for minor issues are extremely common. Here check in some issues that may arise during or after transfer category-wise along with their solutions.

Issues faced during transfer and solution :

During the transfer, apart from the occasional weak internet error message, your transfer may suddenly stop midway or show some sort of other error despite the fact you have checked all the preparation mentioned previously. In such a scenario:

  • While completing the transfer, one device may show the transfer is completed while others may still show in the process. In such a case, please leave both the device alone unless both of them show completely.
  • On your Android device, make sure Move to iOS app should remain on screen. If you get any phone calls in between or use another app, the contents would not get transferred. In short, Move to iOS app does not function on the background so it needs to be active till the complete transfer is done.
  • If the transfer suddenly stops and shows the error on both devices, restart both of them, and re-initiate the process.
  • On the Android device, please stop all other apps in the background from working that may cause Wi-Fi connection to affect, for example, Smart Network Switch or Sprint Connection Optimizer.
  • In the Wi-Fi settings, press and hold other networks and forget them. Re-initiate the transfer again.
  • Make sure to turn off cellular data on your Android device. Then restart the transfer again.

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Issues after Transfer :

If your device faces minor problems in functioning after the transfer, make sure to check the following points immediately:

  • While making the transfer, your iOS device may run out of space and show memory full even after only some of the contents are transferred. In that case, please erase your iOS device again and re-start the transfer again. Again, please check that data in your Android device you wish to transfer must not exceed the available space in iOS.
  • If selected apps from the Android device does not get transferred to the iOS device, search for them in the App Store and download.
  • If text messaging and overall Message feature malfunctions in your iOS device, contact the Support Center.

Support Center :

  • Please visit getsupport.apple.com.
  • Scroll down and select your country.
  • Choose the product from the given option that you need help with. You will be provided with the best possible solution and will be connected with tech support via phone, chat, email, or more.

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